Online Casino and Security

The advent of online casinos has changed the entire face of gambling and has even made a significant contribution towards transforming the activity from a recreational sport to a full fledged business enterprise. The biggest concern with regards to online dealings remains in the field of safety and security of the funds and personal details and this is the main area of apprehension in case of online casinos as well.

Certain guidelines which should be kept in mind by all players who indulge in online gambling are listed as follows:

  • While playing at an online casino, one must ensure that the gaming rooms, the accounts as well as the payouts come under the purview of regular surveillance and encryption.
  • One must also provide correct information and supply accurate account details because the payouts for all the winnings are made on the basis of this information and hence if it is wrong, then the payouts are also not likely to arrive.
  • Choosing an online casino which uses a secure address is an important step to guard against fraudsters. Additional steps in regard would ensure the installation of a special tool known as 'transport layer security' and hiring the services of an NGO which specializes in conducting constant scrutiny of online casino trading transactions.
  • A reliable online casino would generally offer more than one payment option in form of a credit card or an e-wallet solution and may also offer wire transfer and ACH facilities.

The credit card is one of the most common methods of payment at an online casino and a safe and secure credit card transaction means sending across personal details like the name, the credit card number and the CVC number in an encrypted manner to the banking processor of the online casino where the message is decoded after being received. Apart from using the 128-bit encryption technology, one must take few precautions as regards the usage of one's credit card while playing at online casinos. Some of the precautions are mentioned as follows:

  • The account number, expiration date, address and phone number of the provider should be noted down so that if the card is lost then it can be cancelled immediately by calling the provider and supplying all the details.
  • The receipts of the credit card should be kept so that they can be tallied with the monthly statements to cancel erroneous receipts and guard against unauthorized transactions.
  • The details of the credit card should never be discussed on the phone and under no circumstances should be given out to anyone. In addition, as soon as the card arrives it should be signed upon to validate the owner of the card.

Playing at an unsecured online casino site would not only rob the person of his hard earned money but would also expose the credit card details to unauthorized sources who would then steal the information and take advantage of it.