Dazzling Dice

Poker dice is a fun and old bar game that involves rolling five dice with images of playing cards ranging from 9 of each suit to Ace. Dazzling Dice is a great new Wager Gaming game that uses this old style bar game to spectacular modern effect.

Unique Gaming Experience

Dazzling Dice is an exciting blend of poker, bingo and slots, all piled into a completely new and unique game. Even though this is a brand new game, it is easy to learn and to play, as all Wager Gaming games are. The complex scoring is handled by the game itself, as is true of all online gambling games, so no winning combination is ever missed.

Poker Symbols

The symbols on Dazzling Dice are familiar and easy to follow because they are simple card indices ranging from 9 through Ace. The images are rendered, of course, in the style of dice, but because of the incredibly refined graphics, they are crystal clear and easy to identify.

Poker Bets

As with all online games, coin values are established by the player to denominations that they wish to play. In the case of Dazzling Dice the range is from 25¢ up to $5 per coin. With 12 paylines, that means that all lines can be bet for as little as $3 or as much as $60. This modest range makes this game one for casual players more than for the serious high rollers who are looking to risk several hundred dollars per play. Nonetheless, for those seeking a more modest level of risk, this is a spectacularly exciting game offering.


The dice line up in Dazzling Dice much the way that symbols do in traditional slot games, but instead of viewing a few lines of symbols, the player can see all 25 dice lined up in five rows of five. Poker hands win specified rewards rather in the manner of an online video poker game. Dazzling Dice pays out as follows:

  • Any Three-of-a-kind pays 2 coins
  • Any Full House pays 4 coins
  • Any Four-of-a-kind pays 6 coins
  • Low straight (9 through King) pays 8 coins
  • High straight (10 through Ace) pays 10 coins
  • Any Five-of-a-kind pays 100 coins

The big jackpot on this game, if playing $5 coins is worth a tidy $500!

Twist on the Traditional

Though it does share much in common with typical slot games, Dazzling Dice is something special and it is its own thing. The terrific animation of the dice and the unusual layout of paylines keep it really fresh and fascinating for players who may grow a bit tired of the same old slots.

Roll the Bones Now!

Get settled into your favorite gaming station and try some Dazzling Dice for real money tonight! It is a splendid and different type of game that will keep the adrenaline flowing and keep players interested for hours on end.