VIP Levels at GoCasino

Some online casinos have a lot more to offer than others, as you will soon see. We all have our favorite casinos to visit, but as far as member benefits and bonuses are concerned, GoCasino was one of the best.

Now, after its closing, we invite you to the new Lincoln Casino that has the same gaming experience to offer!

What is the VIP program all about?

This is a way for GoCasino to reward its members for playing on the site. Regardless of what games you play and how much you wager each time, you'll certainly benefit from becoming part of the program.

The program is tiered so it is worth visiting the website to see how it works.

Are there different levels available?

Yes there are - you will find nine different VIP levels in total. Full details of these are on the website. But just to give you an example, the first twenty deposits on level two will get up to 60% extra.

Similarly levels three to nine offer cash back of between five and twenty per cent, so it is well worth keeping an eye on how the levels work and claim when you can.

Look forward to daily rewards as well as other benefits

The daily rewards part of the program is definitely worth bearing in mind as you play. This is an instant benefit for players as well and it works on points.

When you wager ten dollars in a game of any kind, the site rewards you with one point. Over time these points add up and each one is worth a cent. When you get a hundred of them you'll see a dollar appear in your account.

Are you ready for a surprise as well?

You could be getting just that if you play at GoCasino. This is because the site hands out various additional prizes throughout the week to those people who are playing the games on the site.

There is no telling if or when it could happen to you. But the only players eligible for a surprise are the ones playing the games. Doesn't that sound like a great reason to start playing on GoCasino a bit more often?

Benefit from the VIP levels now

When you play at GoCasino you'll be opening yourself up to be in line for bonuses, surprises and much more besides. Take a look now and see what you think.